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Mejores Albóndigas en San Sebastián - Donostia

Existem 3 restaurantes
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La Viña
90/100 (6620 ratings)
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Opciones vegetarianas
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Tarta de queso
"The cheesecake is amazing. The best I have ever had and I have had plenty. My review is solely based on the cheesecake. It is unlike the ones in the..."
Smaran G.
"We came here one night late and they mentioned that they don't have any cheesecake but it was sitting there in front of us. I guess they make a..."
Nicholas G.
"Located in the Old Town of San Sebastian is La Vina A that has traditional fish pintxos and snacks. But I was only there for one reason and wasn't..."
Andrew C.
"Cyndy's Bottom Line: It's all about the cheesecake! Divine! It comes with two pieces for 5 euros. More the merrier! Very creamy and decadent. ..."
Cyndy K.
"The Basque "burnt" cheesecake here is the stuff of dreams. It has spoiled me for all other cheesecakes. I made a special pilgrimage here to eat it...."
Mary B.
"Can only speak to the cheesecake here, which is amazing. Fluffy, delicious, great texture, creamy, rich but not sweet. Go early as they sell..."
David H.
"Amazing! Best cheesecake I've ever had. Light and fluffy and not too sweet. So good that we came back the next day. Do be aware that 1 order is 2..."
Alisa Z.
"Cheesecake! That is all! No really! They have plethora of things here but you should only come for torta de queso!! Their best selling item!! Most..."
Latifa S.
"By the time you get to reading my review, I'm sure you've connected La Viña with cheesecake. And you should absolutely, without any question, get..."
Lisa I.
"OMG.... get the cheesecake!!! You have to get the cheesecake. I'm not even a huge cheesecake fan and this cheesecake was one of the best desserts I..."
Morgan J.
"They offer many food items and pintxos in this restaurant, but we came here specifically for their cheesecake. I'm not a big fan of cheesecake in..."
Carla D.
"My wife and I were both unaware that one order of cheesecake meant two slices, so we accidentally ordered two full orders for. Opps. We ended up..."
J. B.
"Went for the burnt Basque cheesecake. One piece is actually two, so pace yourself. For a person that is only 50/50 for cheesecake it was definitely..."
H N.
"The cheesecake. I came for the cheesecake. Two slices for 5 euros--it was one of the most memorable desserts I've ever eaten. The pinxtos looked..."
Terri A.
"My favorite cheesecake in the world ! When we had the opportunity to go to Spain I knew I would do my best to go to San Sebastián and try this..."
Natalia V.
"The hot ticket item here is definitely the cheesecake. Packed, cheesecake is very good and is more of a custard style (not really my thing but if..."
Kelly S.
"We loved their cheesecake. It reminded us of both creme brûlée and New York style cheesecake all in one bite. It is worth visiting for this unique..."
krissy S.
"I had read that this place has the best cheesecake, and it certainly lived up to it! The cheesecakes are made in whole and then you get 2 slices per..."
Stacy S.
"La tarta excelente. Llegamos a las 16.20h, estaban recogiendo pero nos ofrecieron la tarta para llevar. Por 5,30€ la comimos cerca del..."
Sonia Ribas
"El lugar con la mejor tarta de queso de España. Hay otros establecimientos con tartas muy buenas, más concretamente en Madrid. Pero aquí se lleva..."
Jon Etxezarreta
"Fuimos por la tarta de queso y sin duda se merece 5 estrellas!! Absolutamente increíble...volveremos sin ninguna duda!! En este caso solo fuimos a..."
Nacho Tapia
"Bueno, qué voy a decir yo de la tarta de queso de la viña que no se sepa ya??? Sencillamente espectacular, jamás podrás probar una tarta de queso..."
Eric Espallargas
"Estaba deseando probar la famosa tarta de queso del restaurante: sin temor a equivocarme, la mejor tarta de queso que he probado nunca (y llevo unas..."
Juan Pablo Alonso Sánchez