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Opiniones Oscars Restaurant - Costa Teguise

Jorg Hoffmeister
Un ambiente cálido y acogedora el personal muy atento hasta en los últimos detalles y una carta en que no falta nada . La comida excelente y preparada con mucho amor al detalle. En una palabra : estupendo .
Mele Barran
Lugar tranquilo, muy buen servicio y cómoda exquisita....repetiremos
Alberto Dominguez Almiron
Comida ecxelente, muy buen servio. Recomiendo que vallan sin dudarlo.
Really really good food. The decoration of the restaurant is a little dated and feels heavy and so my expectations of the quality of the food were low, I give this restaurant 10/10 for the quality of their dishes. The lamb was amazing and the waffle dessert was beautiful and light.
Edward Wheldon
Food was of a high standard and the staff were welcoming and friendly. Was a refreshing change from AI hotel food. Wouldn't hesitate to visit again.
Ivan Bartlett
Brilliant. Having dined around Costa Teguise this week there is clearly nowhere better than this. GREAT food, wonderful ambience, and the best staff you could wish for. Look forward to a return visit next time I am here.
Janine B
Absolutely fantastic deserve more than a 5 star Had to wait a little as we did not booked in advance which was ok as the food was 100 percent perfect will b going back b4 the end of the holiday the staff were also very friendly and pleasant would definitely recommend..the lamp chops are a must try and the dessert speaks for itself
Mo Harrison
Valentine's Day. They always make the effort. Long term, friendly staff. Good tasty food.
Rob Rose
Some friends invited us to join them for a meal here. We were not disappointed. The restaurant is tucked away but is very well laid out with good spacing between tables with a nice quiet ambience. The place to go for a nice romantic meal or something a little quieter and sophisticated than the majority of other equally fine restaurants in the area. Booking is recommended as it is popular.
Steve Lazarus
We've been coming here for 7 or 8 years. Why? The food is excellent. I dont eat steak all year round but I make an exception once a year for Oscar's. In my view the best restaurant on the island. Service food and decor all great. See you next year.
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Onion Salad Onions Rings Guacamole Y Alitas Open Burrito Open Mexican Burrito Orange Juice Oreo Cheesecake Orgasmo Cocktail Ostras Our Milkshakes Paccheri Pesto Pistacchio E Calamari Padron Peppers Paëla Mixte Paella Paella & Sangria Paella Black Rice Paella Con Pesce Fresco Paella de carne Paella de Marisco Paella de marisco Paella de Marisco Especial Paella de Pescando Paella de Verduras Paella Di Pesce Paella Especial de Mariscos Paella marinera Paella mixta Paella Taste Of The Sea Pakoras de Pollo Paleta Y Queso Paletilla de cordero Pan Con Ajo Y Queso Calamares Fritos Pan Con Mojo Pan Con Tomate Y Jamon Pan de ajo Pan de Pita Pan Naam de Queso Y Ajo Pan Y 3 Salsas Mojo Verde Mojo Rojo Y Alioli Pancake Con Fruta Pancake Roll Spare Ribs Satay Sauce Prawn Crackers Pancake With Nutella Strawberries & Bueno Pancakes Con Aguacate Y Huevo Pancakes Con Fruta Fresca Pancakes de Bacon Sirope de Arce Y Arándanos Pancakes de Nutella Y Fruta Fresca Paneer Madras Chicken Tikka Paneer tikka Panini and Chips Panna Cotta Panna Cotta Tiramisú Papa Rellena Alubias Papa Rellena Kebab Papa Y Batata Frita Papadoum Con Salsa de Mango Yogur Y Menta Y Cebolla Encurtida Picante Papadum Papadum Spicy Papas Animal Style Papas Arrugadas Con Mojo Papas Arrugadas Con Mojos Verde Y Rojo Papas arrugas Papas Arrugas Con Mojo Picon Papas Arrugas Con Mojos Papas Bravas Papas Con Carne Papas Con Mojo Papas Con Mojo Y Estofado de Cerdo Con Salsa de Mostaza Y Miel Papas Con Salsa de Champiñones Papas Fritas Con Alioli Bocadillo de Pechuga A la Plancha Y Hamburguesa Papas Ños Papas rejilla Papas Rejilla Parillada Combinada Parrillada Bohemia Bohemia Mixed Grill Parrillada de carne Parrillada de Carne 2 Persona Parrillada de Carne 4 Personas Parrillada de Carne Habana 6 Parrillada de Carne Mista Parrillada de pescado Parrillada de Pescado Mixed Grilled Fish Parrillada de Pescado Variado Parrillada Especial de Pescado Fresco Y Marisco Parrillada Para 1 Pax Pasta Pasta Bowl Pasta carbonara Pasta Con Gambas Pasta Fresca Con Boletus Pasta Salad Bowls Pastel de chocolate Pastel de zanahoria Pasteles Patatas Bravas Patatas Bravas Patatas Bravas O Alioli Patatas Bravas Tortilla de España Patatas Fritas Y Queso Pato Pato Pecan Nut Brownie Cake Pechuga de Ave Rellena Pechuga de pollo a la plancha Pechuga Rellena de Champiñones Y Frutos Secos Penne Divina Italia Penne Mar Azul Pepperoni Pepperoni Pizza Pepperoni Pizza Gluten Free Perrito caliente Pescado Pescados del Dia Pesto Pie & Chips Piementos de Padron Queso Mixta Gambas Pilau Rice Pimentos Pimientos de Padrón Pimientos del Padrón Pimientos del Piquillo Rellenos Piña colada Pina Colada & Zombie Pincho de Tortilla Pinchos Pineapple Pineapple Juice Pink Gin Pink Gin and Soda Pink Gin and Tonic and a Lager Pink Pig Cocktails Piquillo Rellenos Pita de Pulpo PITAYA SMOOTHIE BOWL Pito Picante Pizza pizza 4 estaciones Pizza 4quesos Pizza Bianca Con Salame Piccante Zola Anduja Pizza Blancanieves Pizza Peperoni Pizza Bufala Pizza calzone Pizza Capricciosa Pizza Carbonara Y Calzone de Salami Picante Pizza Cesare Pizza Clássica Pizza Crossfit Pizza Cuatro Quesos Pizza de York Champiñón Y Alcachofa Pizza Famara Pizza gamberetti Pizza Gregoriana Pizza hawai Pizza Ibérica Pizza la Graciosa Pizza la Toscana Pizza Lanzarote Pizza Mare Pizza Marinera Pizza Mexicana Pizza México Pizza Neptuno Pizza Parma Pizza Prosciutto Pizza Romania Added Onions Pizza salami Pizza Sin Gluten Pizza Timanfaya Pizza Valdostana Pizza vegetariana Pizza with Chicken Pizzadillo Alla Mirko Pizzas Caseras Plain Noodles Basmati Rice Chips & Egg Fried Rice Plantains Platano Frito Plato Combinado Plum Wine Poke Poke Bowl Pollo agridulce Pollo asado Pollo Crujiente Con Salsa Picante Pollo en salsa Pollo picante Pollo tandoori Pollo Tikka Massala Pollo Y Barbacoa Polpette Di Pesce Polpo Alla Griglia Con Puré E Passata Di Nero Di Seppia Polvito Canario Poppadom Poppadoms Poppy Cake pork chops pornstar martini Postre Postre Chajá Postre de Oreo Potato Skins Poussin Prawn and Egg Salad Starter Prawn cocktail Prawn Crackers Prawn curry Prawn Fajitas Prawn Puri Prawn toast Prawns Cocktail Prawns Gambas Al Ajillo Prawns in Garlic Sauce Prawns Tandoori Pried Rice Deep Fried Shrimp Salad and Fake Fried Seaweed Profiteroles Prosciutto Prosciutto Provolone Al Forno Pulga de Salmón Y Aguacate Pulled Pork Pulled Pork Cheese Fries Pulled Pork Coleslaw and Chips Pulled Pork Platter Pulp Fiction Cocktail Pulpo Pulpo Pulpo a la Brasa Pulpo a la gallega Pulpo A la Gallega Galician Style Octopus Pulpo a la mortadela Pulpo a la plancha Pulpo Al Grill Pulpo Al Grill Con Papas Arrugadas Y Mojo Picon Pulpo Con Costra de Alioli Pulpo Parrilla Octopus On The Grill Pulpo Plancha Puntillas de Calamar Puntillitas Quattro Stagioni Quesadillas Quesadillas Con Mermelada de Tomate Quesadillas de Carne Quesadillas Mit Käse Queso A la Plancha Queso Ahumado Con Salsa de Manzana Mostaza Y Miel Queso de Cabra Queso de Rulo Queso frito Queso Frito Queso Frito Con Mermelada Queso Frito Con Mermelada de Higos Queso Frito Con Miel Queso Frito Con Salsa de Arándanos Queso Vegano Quesos Quiche Rabbit Casserole Racing de Ternera Raspberry Tart Ratatouille Provençale Ravioli Ravioli de Care Con Salsa de 4 Quesos Y Azafran Ravioli Negros de Marisco Ravioli with Ricotta Chee Raviolis Raviolo Fritto Al Miele Rechts Ist Caipi Red wine Relleno Fajitas de Langostinos Revuelto de Gramajo Scrambled Eggs Gramajo Style Rib eye steak Ribeye steak Ribs Ricotta Zucchini Puré Di Avocado Con Menta Riso 4 Stagioni Risotto Risotto Di Gamberi Risotto Marinera Roast Roast Beef Roast dinner Roasted Sama Roquera Rollito de Primavera Y Gambas Al Ajillo Rollitos Y Want Tung Rosquitos de Anís Rum and Coke Rum Baba Sal Salad Salad Salade Salads Salami Mit Brot Und Oliven Salchichón de Chocolate Salchipapas Salmon Salmon Salmón de Uga Salmon la Chimenea Salmon Teriyaki Salomón Ahumado de Lanzarote Con Aguacate Y Croquante de Papas Salsa Aioli salsas Salsiccia E Funghi Salt and Pepper Ribs Sama Bocinegro de la Santa Samosa Samosas Samossa Viande San Miguel Lager San Miguel Zinger Wraps Sándwich de Humus Sandwich Jambon Sandwiches Sandwiches Sangria Sangria Con Cava Sangria Croquetas Chorizo In Red Wine Sangria Delish Freshly Made Sardinillas Fritas Sardinitas Plancha Sausage & Egg Sausage roll Sautè with Mussels and Clams Savory Pancake Scallops Scampi Scampi and chips Scampi Patatas Canarias En Warmecgroere Schnitzel Sea Bass Sea Bass with Asian Sauce Seafood Seafood & Fish Paella Seafood Croquettes Seafood Grill Seafood linguine Seafood Paella Seafood Paella Seafood pasta Seafood Soup Seared Goats Cheese Secreto ibérico Seekh Kabab Serranito Serrano Ham Croquettes Served with Fries Sex on the beach Sex On The Beach Y Cocoloco Shawarma de Ternera Shoulder of Lamb Shredded Beef in Fruity Sauce Shrimps in Garlic Side Salad Sirloin Carpaccio with Parmesan Sirloin Steak Sirloin Steak Sirloin with Mushrooms Sauce Sizzling Garlic Prawns Smoked Salmon Smoothie Smoothie Bowls Smoothie Pineapple Mango Smoothies Smoothies Y Café Con Leche Snails Bourguingnone in Pastry Soft Chicken Taco Sole Sauce Champagne Solomilio Salsa Lanzarote Solomillo Solomillo a la pimienta Solomillo Con Solomillo de Cerdo Con Salsa de Ciruelas Sopa agripicante Sopa de cebolla sopa de verduras Spaghetti spaghetti a la carbonara spaghetti ai funghi Spaghetti Alla Vegetariana Spaghetti Bolognese Spaghetti Calabresa Spaghetti carbonara Spaghetti Con Albóndigas Spaghetti Con Almejas Y Bottorga Spaghetti Frutti Di Mare Perfectly Prepared Spaghetti Mit Krabben Spaghetti with Fresh Tomato and Basil Spaghetti with Garlic and Prawns Special Belly Pork Spicy Burger and JD Burger with Chips spring rolls Squid Squid and Potato Salad Starter Chicken Pakora Steak steak and chips Steak pie Steak Pie Dinner Steak with Chips Stella Artois Sticky Toffee Pudding Strawberry Strawberry Dacquri not a Sush Puppy Lol L Strawberry daiquiri Strawberry Daiquiri & San Miguel Strawberry Daiquiri Y Margarita Strawberry Liquor Strawberry Margarita Strawberry Milkshake Strawberry Mojito Strudel de Manzana Stuffed Mushrooms Sunday Dinner as Served with Separate Veg Sunday Dinner with All the Veg Sunday roast Sunday roast beef Supposed to Be Toast Surf and Turf Surf and Turf (mar y tierra) Surf and Turf Burger Surtido de Postres Tarta Tatin Y Brownie de Chocolate Con Helado de Vainilla Surtido de Sushi Sushi Appetizer Sushi Buffet Sweet & Sour Chicken Sweet and sour chicken Sweet Chilli Beef Sweet Strawberry Cheesecake Świeża Ryba Dnia Swordfish T-Bone Steak Tabla de Quesos Canarias Y Sándwich de Atún Taco With Avocado Tacos tacos al pastor Tacos de Langostino Tacos de pollo Tacos Tandoori Tadka Dal Tagliata Tagliatelle Bolognese Tagliatelle Frutti Di Mare Tagliatelle Verduras Y Gambas Tagliatta de Entrecot Rúcula Parmesano Y Reducción Balsamica Tallarines Tallarines Carbonara Al Parmesano Tandoori Chicken Tandoori Mix Grill Tandoori Mixed Grill with Pilau Rice Tapa de Papas Arrugadas Tapas Tapas Tapas Bordje Tapas Chicken Wings Tapas Sharing Platter Tarta Tarta de Chocolate Chocolate Cake Tarta de Chocolate Con Helado Tarta de la abuela Tarta de manzana Tarta de Queso Tarta de queso Tarta de Queso Con Arandanos Tarta de Queso Con Mermelada Casera Tarta de Queso Con Nutella Y Frambuesas Tarta de Queso Es Como Una Quesada Tarta de Ricotta Y Pistacho Tarta de Zanahoria Tarta de Zanahoria Carrot Cake Tarta de Zanahoria Casera Tarta de Zanahoria Y Queso Tarta de Zanahorias Casera Tarta del Día Tartan la Mele Tartar Atun Tartar de atun Tartas de queso Tataki de Solomillo Tayin de Cordero Tempura Tempura de Ostras Vinagreta de Pimientos Tequila Sunrise Ternera Thai green curry Thai Sweet Chilli Chicken That Is the Famous Pasty Thursday Steak Pie Tikka Masala Tinto Con Limón Tinto de Verano Tiramisu Tiramisù Della Casa Toast with Salmon Walnuts and Salad Toast with Scrambled Egg and Avocado Toast Yours Tomato Toast Top Local Brew Torrija Caramelizada Con Salsa Inglesa Torrija de Postre Torrijas Torta de manzana Tortelli Tortelli Al Ragú Tortellini Tortelloni Tortilla Tortilla de patatas Tortilla francesa Tortillas mexicanas Tortitas Tortitas Con Fruta Y Sirope Tortitas Kinderbueno Tortitas Saludables Tosta de Aguacate Con Queso Fresco Tosta de Rulo de Cabra Tosta Suculenta Tostada Con Aguacate Y Huevo Tostada de Aguacate Con Add Pollo Tostada de Aguacate Con Huevo Vegano Tostada de Aguacate Y Huevos Revueltos Tostada de Locos Tostada de Salmón Tostada Mollete Con Mantequilla Y Mermelada Tostada Rulo de Cabra Tostada Suculenta Tostada Tomate Queso Y Serrano Tostada Tumaca Tostadas Tostadas Con Mermelada Tostadas Con Tomate Y Aguacate Tres Salsas Triple 'D' Baguette with Chips Triple Burger Tropical Cerveza Tropical Lemon Beer 2 Alcohol Trucha Canaria All'italiana Truchas Varias Tuna Salad Tuna Steak Tuna Tartare Turrón Y Cheese Cake de Oreo Un Buen Vino Uruguayan Steak with Mushroom Sauce Valenciana Paella Vasitos de Oreo Oreo Cake Cups veg biryani Veg Kofta Veg Vindaloo Vegan Bennie Vegan Burger Vegan Nuggets Vegan pizza Vegan Waffle Vege Pizza Gluten Free Vegetable Biryani Vegetable Croquettes with Mango Coulis Vegetarian Breakfast Vegetarian Burrito Veggie Burguers Verduras Vieiras Vindaloo Vino Blanco de Lanzarote Yaiza Vino Tinto Really Nice Vino Tinto Viña Pomal Reserva 2015 D O Rioja Vino Yaiza Violet Iced Vodka and Iron Brew the Drink of Champions Waffle Sundae Waffles Walnut Brownie Was Fillet Steak Weisswein Whiskey & Dry Ginger Ale White Rice White wine Whole Grilled Seabass With Ice Cream With Marinated Boquerones With Mortadella Stracciatella Cheese And Pistachio's With Tomato Sauce Wrap de Atún Wrap de pollo Wrap Jagger Wroffe de Helado de Kinder Bueno Con Nutella Wroffes de Helado de Dulce de Leche Con Nata Yakitori de Pollo Con Salsa de Curry Yakitori Octopus Yogurt Yogurt Con Melocotón Zamburiñas Zamburiñas Con Hierbas Aromáticas Perejil Cilantro Y Hierbabuena zarzuela Zinger Burger 'Stack' Zmrzlina Zombie Cocktail Zucchini E Salsiccia Zumo de Plátano Y Fresa Zumo Natural Zumos Zumos y batidos
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